Installing HipChat on SUSE

Alas, it appears when some companies claim to support “Linux”, they actually support only the Debian-based versions of Linux. Hipchat, Atlassian claims, “runs on everything so you can use it anywhere.” But to make it run on RPM-based systems, you might need to do a little work. Here’s how I got HipChat running on Suse:

1. Download the .deb file. Ignore Attlasian’s download instructions and grab the latest version from Atlassian’s server.

2. Download Alien. I grabbed this dandy tarball, which did the trick quite nicely. Extract wherever:

tar -xvf alien_8.95.tar.xz

3. Make sure rpmbuild is installed. On Suse:

sudo zypper install rpm-build

4. Now, navigate into the extracted Alien directory and run the Alien perl script:

./alien.pl --to-rpm ~/Downloads/HipChat4-4.0.1637-Linux.deb

5. Now, you should be able to install the resulting RPM.

sudo zypper install hipchat4-4.0.1637-2.x86_64.rpm

You’re done. Hipchat should be installed in your /opt directory, though you should be able to find it in your launch menu as well. The same steps as above should (famous last word) work on any other RPM-based distribution; just substitute the calls to zypper with whatever your distro’s installation/dependency management tool is.

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